No need to build up a display base using wood, ground texture and marsden matting.


This resin base has all those features cast as one unit. Base is suitable for WWII to Vietnam era artillery applications having dimensions suitable for light to medium artillery in 1/35th scale.


The combination base, ground texture and marsden matting cast as a single unit allows the modeler to use his artistic skills and imagination.


See photos for examples of base painting.


Base measures 8-1/8 inches long x 5-1/4 inches wide x 7/8 inches tall.


Pictures show AFV Club’s 105mm Howitzer M101A1 Gun & M2A2 Carriage on display and AFV Club’s M-102 105mm Howitzer. (Models not included)


Weight: 490 grams (1.08 lbs.)



Tiger Werke Artillery Resin Base “All-In-One” TW-48026

SKU: TW-48026
  • All resin items should be washed with warm water and adding a few drops of detergent. Let air dry.

    When sanding, grinding, or drilling resin, wear a particle mask or a NIOSH respirator approved for dust. It is important not to inhale the resin dust, which could potentially cause an allergic reaction.

    Wear safety goggles. If you are wearing a dust mask or respirator, you need to be wearing goggles as well. They are also necessary if you are working with power tools and resin, such as when drilling, sanding or polishing.

    The use of a suitable primer is recommended for bonding purposes. CA glue or epoxies needs to be used for resin items.

    Not suitable for children.